Vertical Wind Tunnels

Pay off period – 1 year
International business trend
Strong demand

Welcome to FreeFly Technology website

Almost every human being dreams of flying like a bird, and with our wind tunnels these dreams become a reality! And since you are here it probably means that you are considering acquiring your very own wind tunnel!

Not long ago we decided to make wind tunnels our business, and in order to do so we had to undertake an extensive research, contact manufacturers and resolve various issues. That is why now we are able to make your life easier by sharing this knowledge, our business plan, and this accurate description of wind tunnels we designed for you.

Analyzing the market

99% of the people who decide to buy a wind tunnel are looking for an option with the minimum cost possible. That is, initial investments and the initial product (wind tunnel) becomes their priority. They think “Why would I spend 712 000 Euro on a wind tunnel when I could buy one for less?”

Strategically speaking that’s not the best option. When developing a project first you need to think about the marketing strategy you are going to stick to (which is determined by the region where you want to install your wind tunnel). Keep in mind that every audience has its own requirements for technical specifications of such projects. Once you’ve made up your mind about the marketing strategy - you design a project of a wind tunnel, and not vice versa. Contrary to popular belief: “We will acquire the wind tunnel and then start promoting it”.

Below we will talk about 3 distinctive categories of customers. But in reality there are more than a dozen of such categories, and when opening a wind tunnel you need to consider the aspects of working with each and every one of them.

Consider the following scenario:

You’ve built a vertical wind tunnel but it turns out the air flow it creates is not stable enough. The athletes coming to train in your wind tunnel decide to leave within the first 5 minutes because they are not satisfied with the quality of the provided air stream. Although each sportsman could have purchased 10 hours of flight time.

Our goal is not to sell you a wind tunnel. Our goal is to help you choose a project and a marketing strategy that will allow you to reach the desired results.

So what is a wind tunnel?

A wind tunnel is pure emotions!

Do you remember the emotions you had when you first bought the car you wanted, or when riding a Ferris wheel, or your first kiss? Flying in a wind tunnel for the first time fills visitors with similar thrill and excitement.

Having felt wings on their backs, your customers will come back to experience the thrill of flight again... and again... and again! Wind tunnels allow people to experience the same emotions of parachute jumping but without the dangers of a real flight high in the sky.

As far as the business aspect is concerned, the key idea goes as follows:
Seth Godin – one of the world’s most famous marketing experts and the author of Purple Cow bestseller – says that in order to succeed your product has to promote itself. Which means that upon encountering your business, people get a genuine desire to tell their friends and family about it.

After flying in a wind tunnel each client will become your voluntary “sales manager”, which will attract more people.

Common customer groups

The majority of your clients will be people who fly for the first time.
Corporate clients
Flying in a wind tunnel is one of the best ways to throw a corporate party.
Skydivers and sportsmen
Wind tunnels are an irreplaceable training equipment for professional skydivers. Wind tunnel flying is an official sport.

Wind tunnel models

FreeFly 220 Open
Diameter: 2.2 meters / 7,2 ft
Height of the glass chamber: 5 m.
Good for amateurs and athletes to practice individual RW and 2Way FreeFly.
See the description of vertical wind tunnels and prices.
FreeFly 240
Diameter: 2.4 meters / 7,8 ft
Height of the glass chamber: 3.6 meters.
Good for beginners, skilled amateurs and athletes to practice static Freefly techniques. It is perfect for athletes preparing for 2 way VRW competitions.
FreeFly 300
Diameter: 3 meters / 9,8 ft
Height of the glass chamber: 5.7 meters
Good for amateurs and athletes to practice both static and dynamic Freefly, freestyle, 2 way RW and VRW.
FreeFly 430
Diameter: 4.3 meters / 14,1 ft
Designed for first-time flyers, proflyers mastering static and dynamic freefly, freestyle, 2 way RW (group acrobatics), 4 way RW and VRW (vertical group acrobatics), 2 way Dynamic and 4 way Dynamic.
FreeFly 530
Diameter: 5.3 meters / 17,3 ft
Designed for first-time flyers, proflyers mastering static and dynamic freefly, freestyle, 2 way RW, 4 way RW (group acrobatics) and VRW (vertical group acrobatics), 8 way RW, 2 way Dinamic and 4 way Dinamic

The delivery set of each wind tunnel includes:

All the equipment required to launch the wind tunnel:
Frequency converters
Air channel
Bearing structure
Glass tube
Other equipment
Supervision of the installation process of the wind tunnel on the client’s premises
3 year warranty
Air-flow cooling system

About FreeFly Technology

The extensive experience of specialists of FreeFly Technology, obtained in the course of successful designing of aviation equipment constitutes a solid foundation for manufacturing and launching successful commercial wind tunnels.

We offer a wide range of wind tunnels models that meet all customer requirements.

Completed projects

Freefly 220
Diameter: 2.2 meters.
This wind tunnel was installed in Yekaterinburg.
Project completed in August, 2017.
2.2 meters diameter wind tunnel installed in Perm.
The world’s first vertical wind tunnel designed and launched without turning vanes.
FreeFly 300
Diameter: 3 meters.
Presentation February 3, 2018 in Perm
АКМ-5 airplane
This airplane was designed for long-distance route flights at a high cruising speed.
FreeFly 300. The diameter is 3 meters.
Presentation February 3, 2018 in Perm

Our team

Our team comprises more than 20 people responsible for design, production and sales of wind tunnels.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have seen wind tunnels for 5 million roubles, why are yours more expensive?
You must have seen a wind tunnel of «artisanal» production. The owners of such wind tunnels don’t take any responsibility for the safety of customers. FreeFly Technology produces wind tunnels that meet the highest quality standards and intended for use by a broad audience (first-time flyers, corporate clients, athletes and skydivers).
How long will it take for a wind tunnel to pay off?
A calculation of pay off terms based on the wind tunnel type is provided in above business plans.
What if we have very few clients or no clients at all?
Our foreign counterparts sell some types of wind tunnels for 5-10 million Euros. And even these tunnels pay off. If you install any of our wind tunnels in a place with 1 million inhabitants within 50 km it is guaranteed to pay off and bring stable income.
Where is it better to install a wind tunnel?
In a city with 1 million inhabitants within 50 km.

Our Partners

These are the people who are directly involved in wind tunnel business. Among them, there are instructors, marketing specialist, directors.
They visit events and presentations of our wind tunnels, feel free to ask them for their feedback.

Maxim Tishenko
City: Moscow
Organizer, creator and the man behind various fascinating projects
Over a 1000 parachute jumps
USPA tandem instructor
Wind tunnel instructor (over 50 hours of flight), a traveler (more than 30 countries visited)
Motivational speaker, a speaker in the sphere of self-efficiency and sales
“Flight is my life’s meaning.    I live to fly. I’m interested in anything that furthers the development of wind tunnels”
Believes that wind tunnel based sports will become an official Olympic sport
Wishes for as many people as possible to achieve their dreams of flight thanks to the development of wind tunnels
Motto: «A wind tunnel for each city in Russia and China!»
Nazarov Sergei Sergeevich
City: Krasnodar
Date of birth: February 24,1992
Occupation: Extreme sports, sales
Wind tunnel instructor
Total parachute jumps: over 2500 skydives, and over 50 base jumps
Home DZ: “Ujnoe Nebo”
First jump: June 08, 2009
Primary parachute: Leia-84
Reserve parachute: Space    2-135
Safety device: Cypres 2
RW jumps: 300+
CRW jumps: 40+
FreeFly jumps: 1300+
Tandem jumps: 650+
Wingsuit jumps: 200+
BASE jumps: 50+
Primary parachute failures: 17
Licenses/ratings: D certificate, Parachutist training instructor, Tandem instructor, FF instructor and basic RW, Wingsuit instructor, Rigger of primary parachutes and reserve parachutes of all types.
Kuznecov Sergei Yurievich
City: Moscow
Into skydiving since 1994, and wind tunnels since 1998
Over 8000 jumps
Founder of the wind tunnel school
Founder and director of the “Letarium” wind tunnel
Multiple prize winner, and a participant of national and international record attempts
Ilia Michaylov
City: Izhevsk
Date of birth: 23.02.1977
Into skydiving since 2004
Over 1600 jumps
D category
Parachutist training instructor
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